Do you ever feel a sense of embarrassment when walking into a business meeting, or a parent-teacher conference, or a restaurant, smelling like cigarettes?

Do you douse yourself with perfume or cologne, hoping to cover up the scent, only to have it mix with the smell of tobacco? Have people ever mentioned you smell like smoke, or even taste like it? But, what can you do? You needed that moment to yourself, and going outside to smoke a cigarette should not bring shame or embarrassment, and you should be able to do it without a care in the world.

Have you ever considered that you could smoke and smell good? How can you hug and kiss your loved ones without the fear of them retracting from you, or enter those meetings confidently without worrying about that scent that clings to anything you wear?

The answer is simple: Vapes. When you exhale the smoke that comes out of vapes, it turns into vapor, vanishing into thin air. Not only that, but the vapor that does come out, smells good! Whether that scent be cherry, watermelon, or a neutral scent, no one will ever smell or taste tobacco on you again. No more bent cigarettes in your bag or car, no more looking for someone with a lighter, no more “smoke areas.” Doesn’t carrying around a small device that you can smoke anywhere, any time, sound like the perfect solution? A device that doesn’t come with any anxieties, any disapproving faces from those around you, and a device you can find at any store that also sells cigarettes. It all sounds too good to be true — but it really is that simple. Continue to live your life the way you want to, and do the things you want to, without the consequences — you deserve it.
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