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How to Store and When to Dispose of Vape Juice

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It’s easy to buy vape juice online in large quantities, especially when bulk discounts are available. But then you might find yourself with a lot of vape juice bottles that could take several months, or even years, to finish. The good news is the expiration date of vape juice is very long. As long as you properly store the bottles, you won’t have to worry about them going bad for quite some time. We’ve discussed things to avoid when storing vape juice, proper storage techniques, and some facts surrounding the expiration date of vape juice.

Things To Avoid When Storing Vape Juice

When you purchase vape juice at an online vape shop, there will be a suggestion to avoid three things when storing them: light, heat, and air. 


What does light have to do with vape juice storage? Direct sunlight can increase the speed of the oxidation process, which could make your e-liquid go bad before you have a chance to enjoy it. You should also avoid direct exposure to artificial light as much as possible. The best thing to do is store them in a dark closet or cabinet that doesn’t get exposed to light until you’re ready to grab a bottle.


The chemicals inside vape juice change rapidly when exposed to heat. And it doesn’t take a lot of heat to make a difference. Avoid storing your e-liquid bottles in the kitchen or near heat sources and it will stay better longer.


Allowing oxygen to reach your vape juice can quickly ruin the flavor of your vape juice. It might still have the same potency if the cap is left off for a long period of time, but the taste likely won’t be as enjoyable.

Tips For Properly Storing Vape Juice

Now let’s discuss some of the simple things you can do to ensure your vape juice is stored properly. The location is the first thing to consider. Many people find that storing vape juice in a dark closet, under their bed, or even in a safe can ensure the temperature it’s exposed to remains as constant as possible. The goal is to prevent chemical changes from happening, and the cooler the place you store them, the better. Some people have even found success storing their vape juice in the refrigerator if they don’t think they will use them for a couple of years.

The container is the next thing to consider when properly storing vape juice. If you plan on using it in a couple of months, then a plastic container is sufficient. However, for longer storage, opt for a glass bottle. Glass tends to keep air out better than plastic, and using tinted glass is even better to protect it from UV light. Just be sure to tightly seal any bottle you use so it’s ready to enjoy at its maximum potency when you get it out.

Does Vape Juice Have An Expiration Date?

Whether you buy nicotine free vape juice or any other type, the bottle should have an expiration date printed on the label or the bottom of the bottle. Vape juice is considered to be shelf-stable, so the shelf life is about two years from the time it was manufactured. Of course, the vape juice could expire much quicker if it is left open for too long or improperly stored. 

VG vs. PG E-Liquids

Another factor that determines how quickly vape juice expires is the ingredient contained in it. Propylene glycol (PG) is an ingredient that prevents vape juice from degrading over time. So the higher the PG levels are in a particular vape juice, the longer it should last. Vegetable glycerine (VG) doesn’t prevent degradation as much as PG, but it will still last a long time with proper storage methods.

vape juice onlineHow Can You Tell If Vape Juice Has Gone Bad?

As with many items you purchase at your supermarket, you can typically consume vape juice safely shortly after the expiration date. However, the quality you are used to getting might not be the same. One of the signs your vape juice has gone bad is if the taste is different or if there’s not much taste at all. The smell could also change and the color might get a little darker. 

When Is It Time To Dispose Of Vape Juice?

When you buy vape juice online, every bottle will have an expiration date on it. This is essentially designed to be a guide to let you know how long you can expect to enjoy maximum freshness and potency if it’s stored properly. It doesn’t mean you have to dispose of your vape juice once it has reached the expiration date. If the expiration date has only passed a few weeks or months ago, it’s safe to smell and taste it first before disposing of it. If it has reached the point where it’s no longer enjoyable to consume, then it’s time to safely dispose of it.

When you’re looking to buy vape juice online, Da Smokey is the place to go. We have a large selection of vapes to ensure you can find the flavors you enjoy most. We also want to make sure you can enjoy your vape juice for as long as possible, so we’re always available to provide storage tips and advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions or if you are ready to buy quality vape juice online.

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