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Nicotine Salt vs. Freebase Nicotine: What’s the Difference and Which is Safer?

Trying to figure out what the best e-cigarette is for you? Should you get a freebase disposable vape or a nic salt disposable vape? What’s the difference? Look no further — we have all the answers.


Freebase is the most common form of nicotine. To put it simply, its nicotine extracted from tobacco plants and, when the salt of the plant is lifted, it becomes freebase nicotine. Essentially, it is the purest form of nicotine with the pH level lowered so that it can travel well through your body. It’s found in cigarettes, conventional vape liquids, and other forms of nicotine (patches, gum, inhalers, etc.). As we all know, the original purpose of vaping was to help cigarette smokers wean off cigarettes and avoid all those harsh chemicals. To accomplish that, however, the disposable vapes needed to be effective enough in providing the level of nicotine these smokers were used to. The downside of freebase nicotine is the strong throat hit, or the harsh sensation you get at the back of your throat, which is what cigarette smokers are subconsciously hooked on. Therefore, the higher the nicotine dosage, the harsher the throat hit.


Nicotine salt (also known as “nic salt”), is the purest form of nicotine, without the extraction of the salt. To clarify, however, it is not salt, and does not make your vape juice taste salty nor does it release sodium chloride into your system. It is simply freebase nicotine mixed with specific acids to lessen that strong throat hit, but to also provide a high level of nicotine that many vape users are after. The acidity balances out the pH levels of the nicotine, making it a smoother hit, which is the best option for those smokers who prefer their vapor to go down more gently, rather than mimic the inhalation of cigarette smoke. With disposable nic salts, you’re able to have a higher nicotine dosage without the consequence of a harsher and more irritating throat hit. The downside of nic salts is the lack of flavors that are possible to use, unlike freebase nicotine, which can accommodate a variety of different flavors vape smokers are so used to. Because nicotine itself has such a potent flavor, it’s difficult to mask that peppery flavor with something like watermelon, for example — since the pod contains more nicotine than any other freebase pod.


To simplify it all: Freebase nicotine is better for smokers who don’t require much nicotine, don’t mind the harsh throat hit, and is compatible with most vaping devices. Nicotine salts are better for smokers who enjoy taking multiple hits without the throat irritation, and for those discreet vape users who prefer a lighter smoke cloud compared to other vapes. It does, however, include more nicotine than freebase pods and vapes, which isn’t the best for those who want to wean off their nicotine usage. Basically, neither form is better for you — it’s all about preference. However, if you’re looking to start vaping in order to stop smoking altogether, we’d recommend freebase nicotine, as it contains a less amount than nic salts. This freebase nicotine can be found in any disposable vape — or re-usable vape, you find.

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