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The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaping


Vaping is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. When you can control the amount of nicotine you inhale, you can slowly wean yourself off rather than quitting cold turkey. While vaping is much better for your health compared to smoking cigarettes, it’s easy to make mistakes to make your experience not as pleasant as it could be. We’ve discussed several do’s and don’ts of vaping so you can always have a positive experience.

Store Your Vape Juice Properly

When you buy vape juice online, the vape juice should come with instructions on how to enhance your experience. Storing your vape juice properly can ensure the flavors are always robust and will stay fresh for as long as possible. You should store all of your vape juices in a cool, dark place like a closet. You want to avoid setting them in direct sunlight or warm areas, so the kitchen cabinets aren’t ideal. Proper storage of your vape juice is the best way to have a great experience every time you vape.

Switch Your Flavors For An Enhanced Experiencevaping

Buying a variety of vape juice flavors at an online vape shop is ideal so you can find the ones you like. However, many people make the mistake of only buying a certain flavor, which can lead to vaper’s tongue. This happens when you vape with a specific flavor so much that it works your taste buds too much to the point where you can’t taste the flavor anymore. There’s no reason to be alarmed at this experience and you should be able to taste it again after a few days if you stop using the flavor. One thing many vapers have indicated is that rotating flavors periodically helps them avoid the dreaded vaper’s tongue.

Find The Right Vaping Device For Your Needs

The right vaping device is just as important as the flavor you choose. There are a few different types of vaping devices to choose from based on your needs. Many first-time vapers turn to an online disposable vape shop and purchase disposable vapes since they are easy to use and can simply be thrown away. As you become more of an experienced vaper, you can upgrade to a mod pod or similar device to take your vaping to the next level.

Remember To Clean Your Vaping Device

When you become an experienced vaper, always remember to clean your vaping device regularly. A general rule of thumb is to clean it out every time you switch out the vape juice. But you should also give it more of a deep clean at least once a month. While it’s not necessarily a health hazard to leave your vaping device dirty, it can significantly impact the flavor and quality of the vape juice.

Don’t Revert To Smoking No Matter How Hard It Is

Now let’s get into some of the things you shouldn’t do as a vaper. The number one rule is to never go back to smoking tobacco no matter how hard it might be. The great thing about vape juice is you can find one with higher levels of nicotine if you need to increase it. You don’t have to cut out nicotine completely when you switch to vaping, but you can slowly begin lowering the nicotine level in the vape juice, which is not possible with cigarettes.

Don’t Vape For Long Periods Of Time

Vaping is different from smoking cigarettes because you have to wait for up to 30 seconds before taking another puff. This allows the vape juice to saturate the wick inside your device so you’ll maximize the flavor. Not doing so could result in a dry hit where you don’t experience a strong flavor, and you could potentially damage your device as well.

Don’t Leave Your Vaping Device To Charge Overnight

Depending on the type of vaping device you have, it will likely need to be charged. While it’s tempting to charge it overnight, this is one of the worst things you can do. It could destroy the battery and essentially ruin your device. Instead, look at the instructions for the device you purchased and only allow it to charge for the recommended time. You’ll prolong the life of your vaping device as a result and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Don’t Neglect Your Health While Vaping

Vaping can be addicting just like smoking cigarettes. But the great thing about vaping is it’s much better for your health than smoking cigarettes. However, you still need to focus on eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Not only will hydration prevent dry mouth, but it could also prevent you from getting vaper’s tongue. If you wait until you’re thirsty before drinking, it could be too late. A good rule of thumb is to drink more water than you normally would when vaping.

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