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Vape Tastes Burnt: Why it Happens and How to Fix it

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There’s almost nothing more unpleasant than inhaling a vape, especially a disposable one, and it tasting worse than any burnt food you’ve ever eaten. Not only does it taste bad, but it hurts your throat so much that you cough endlessly, and maybe even throw up. What happened to that great taste you were enjoying? Do you throw the vape or pod away and get a new one? Do you change the pod? We’re here to help guide you through the process.

One possibility is chain vaping. Every vape pen has a coil, which consists of a wire and a wick. The wire soaks up the vape juice, and in turn, the coil heats up that wick to produce the vapor you inhale. When you chain vape, there isn’t enough time in between hits to allow the juice to soak the wick, which means you’re just inhaling what’s left of the burnt, dry wick. While it’s easy to mindlessly take hit after hit, try waiting a beat in between to allow the vape liquid to do its thing.

Another reason you’re tasting something burnt is that your e-cigarette/disposable vape pod is simply empty. This is essentially the same issue that chain vaping causes, with the wick being too dry to give you any vapor. However, even if you wait in between hits, you’re not going to see a result if there’s no more liquid to saturate your vape wick.

If you’ve paused on the chain vaping and you’ve checked that your cartridge still has liquid, but your problem hasn’t been fixed, try making sure you’re using the right e-liquid for your pen. By checking the packaging of the pen and liquid, you can see what level of liquid is compatible with your pen. If your liquid is too thick to be compatible, the wick can dry out and give you the burnt taste you’re trying to get rid of.

If your disposable vape tastes burnt, however, that just means the cartridge is out of juice. Simply dispose of the pen and grab a new one.

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